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TransSoft is not a translation agency.

It is rather a small core team, consisting of 2-3 German translators / proofreaders, each with more than 20 years experience in the IT sector and a professional DTP team member.


Based on our experience and our complementary professional backgrounds and education, we have specialized in the following areas:

- Computer
- Hardware
- Networking
- Software
- Lokalization
- Help
- Training Materials
- Instructions, Guides and Manuals

For other special areas, we have colleagues available for terminology validation and translation, e.g., in the following fields

- Logistics
- Automobile Manufacturing
- Tobacco Production

Translation Memory - no machine translation

Your material is translated by qualified translators. The results, however, are stored in a database - the translation memory-, so that already translated material can be reused in a subsequent job. This contributes to consistency and helps to reduce costs.

Other languages

When material requires translation into more languages – we also have qualified and experienced native translator colleagues, in particular for the language:

Other services


Upon customer’s request, we can also offer copywriting or writing journalistic texts in German language.

Support for Technical Writing

If you wish, we can also assist you in writing your technical documents (e.g., help texts and manuals), so that subsequent translation will allow for the maximum reusability and lowest costs.

Layout / Print

Likewise, the entire process from layout to printing your material can be carried out professionally.

Our advantage

We know the business and the constant time and cost pressure. Therefore, we are prepared for short project turnaround - without sacrificing quality.

Thanks to the fact that we form an ad hoc team of freelancers for each project, we can offer our services also at a cost-efficient price level.

Usually, the entire project is handled centrally. However, upon special request, direct contact to the respective professionals can be made.


Rates for translation and proofreading are based on the word count of the original text.

The word rate is influenced by the following factors:

- complexity of the material
- source and target formats
  (e.g., PDF format as source format is generally subject to 20% surcharge)
- time frame of the project
  (e.g., surcharges for night or weekend work that is absolutely necessary for short term project)

Terms of payment

For large projects spanning more than one man-month, payments are expected for each month of work done and delivered within that month until the 10th working day following the invoiced month. Total payment of a project is due 14 days after final project invoice.